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XMOS XTAG2 Debug Adapter

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Available from SparkFun:


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Description: The XTAG 2 Debug Adapter functions as an XMOS Design Tools compatible USB to JTAG converter. Connect one end of the XTAG 2 to a USB serial port and the other to the 20 pin header of your board and you are ready to load code using the XMOS Design Tools. The XTAG 2 requires version 9.9 or later of the XMOS Design Tools.

Note: There are currently only two development boards that support the XTAG 2, Sparkfun's XS1 Development Board and XMOS's XK-1 Development Board. This is due to the need for an XSYS connector between the processor and the debug adapter (see page four of the hardware manual).


  • The development board must have an XSYS2 connector.
  • XMOS Design Tools version 9.9 or later.



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