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XMOS XC-1A Development Kit

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This kit is the sucessor to the original XC-1 and is much better for robotics as can run from external power instead of USB, along with a few other upgrades.

The XC-1A Development Kit contains everything you need to start exploring the XMOS multi-core event-driven processor technology. It comprises

  • Single XS1-G4 device
  • 4Mbits SPI FLASH memory
  • 16 user-configurable LEDs
  • Four pushbuttons
  • Speaker
  • JTAG and serial interfaces
  • Four expansion areas suitable for IDC headers
  • Through-hole prototyping area for connecting external components

The XC-1A card can be powered by an external 5V power supply, or the USB cable provided which also provides a JTAG interface between the card and XMOS Tools.


XC-1A Quick Start Guide

XC-1A Tutorial

XC-1A Hardware Manual

XC-1A Schematics

XC-1A PCB Design Files


XC-1A Firmware Version 1.2

Development Tools

Free Development Tools

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Calculon wishes his xc-1 was this ...
How is your project going Calculon?
Calculon just recieved his new "trigger" style IR sensors that won't require an adc, and he's got his big motor controller working. Now he just has to figure out how to remove the 2 little transistors to make his xmos mobile. He's also learning (poorly) how to weld, so he can perfect the chasse. He needs to update his blog ..
Thanks for the update! Yes, a blog update would be good! If you need help modding the XC1 to work without USB let me know as there is a forum post somewhere that shows how to do this.