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XMOS XS1-G Development Kit

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XS1-G Development Kit

New Users: Please download the latest version of the XDK Quick Start Guide.


Learn how to design applications to run on the XS1-G family of programmable devices. The XDK hardware provides a comprehensive set of peripheral devices. Applications can be loaded and debugged through the USB host connection or run directly from an SD card.

XDK Features

  • Four-core XS1-G4 programmable device
  • QVGA colour touch-screen TFT LCD
  • High performance stereo audio ADC/DAC
  • 10/100 RJ45 ethernet interface
  • SD card slot (card included)
  • USB connectivity
  • 512KB asynchronous SRAM
  • 96 pins I/O expansion from two XCores, via 0.1” IDC headers
  • XMOS Link channel connections

XDK Development Kit

  • XDK Board
  • 12V external PSU
  • USB programming cable
  • Two XMOS Link cables

Example software available as source code

  • Pong game
  • Audio analyser
  • Mandelbrot fractals
  • GUI demonstration

Getting Started