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XMOS XC-3 LED Tile Control Kit

Vendor's Description: 

The XC-3 LED Tile Control Kit provides a complete software programmable solution for controlling LED arrays and strings using XCore processors. The XC-3 is an ideal starting point for prototyping LED scan board designs.

XC-3 LED Tile Control Kit Features

  • XC-3 Development Board featuring:
    • Four-core XS1-G4 programmable device
    • Two 100Mbps RJ45 ethernet sockets
    • 12 SPI channels (with up to 8x muxing)
    • SPI flash to store boot code and LED correction data
    • XMOS Link and XSYS debug interface
    • Credit card sized (85 x 54 mm)
  • XTAG connector
  • USB cable
  • 5V external PSU

Example software available as source code

  • LED Tile Reference Design

Getting Started



LED Reference Design Source Code v9.10.0

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