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XMOS XMP-64 Development Board

Vendor's Description: 

XMP-64 Development Board

The XMP-64 is available as an experimental board intended for research purposes only. Limited functional verification has been done and support for the XMP-64 is only available via the forum user community. The board is supplied on an as-is basis with basic tools support (including build and debug) and a simple example.

The XMP-64 is a prototype multi-processor board that demonstrates the scalability of the XS1 architecture. Based on the same board format as the XDK, the XMP-64 connects together 64 XCore processors in 16 XS1-G4 devices on a single PCB, delivering 25 GIPS.

IDC connectors provide access to IO's on the XCores in the same way they do on the XS1-G4 Development Kit, allowing external interfaces to be connected to the XMP-64. The board could, for example, be used to make an audio effects/synthesiser engine or to use it as an image processing/target tracking engine when connected to a camera.

The XMP-64 has a dual ethernet interface and is programmed over USB-2.

XMP-64 Features

  • 16 x XS1-G4 four-core devices connected as a 4-D hypercube using 5b XMOS links
  • 25.6 GIPS
  • 512 threads
  • 4Mbytes RAM
  • 512Kbytes OTP memory
  • Round trip time between 200ns and 1us
  • Each edge of the hypercube provides a bandwidth of 1.6 Gbit/s in each direction
  • Processor grid measures 120 x 120 mm