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Hye, Sorry to bother you, I have some questions about a hexapod. I want to make the same like this http://webx.dk/robot-crawler/robot-crawler.htm  for my college project, if you have time to have a look on it, I want to know the configuration of the pcb board, an electrical schematics electric parts needed, what cpu usses, what kind of servos (can I use weaker servos?) . If you can help me, I would be very pleased, if can't..no problem. Have a good day.

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Did you bother to read through the page you linked to? You can see the name of the servos in several of the photos (Hype Sport RC Servos), and Thomas specifies both the micro he's used (Atmel AT90S8515 at 8 Mhz), and what he programmed it with(WinAVR free GCC GNU-C).

The bot has 2 circuit board, one pre-built power supply using an LM2673, and then the main Atmel board, which is homemade. The only info we have about this is the photos, but from the looks of it the main board just has the micro, an oscillator, headers for the servo lines, a few noise suppresion caps, and a DIL switch.

Can you show me what kind of atmel works and how can I control a 6 leg robot from it thru a pcb ?thnx


It sounds like this project might be out of your depth at present, why don't know check out some of the other hexapod robots here on LMR, and take a look at the Start Here robot, see if you can follow that first.