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I got some trouble over the first project.

Hello I am trying to do the first project of the robots, http://letsmakerobots.com/start I bought all the things needed but I got some trouble I dont know how to connect the sensor, its exacly the same as the project uses. I am getting lost at the part that says that because he refers to some other kind of sensor and than there is no image to understand how.

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The wheels are exacly the same as the ones used in project. Same with the motors only that they dont got the output that I was expecting so my question is how to put it.
Isn't the only difference that the output shaft is a bit shorter? Surely you can still screw the wheel onto it?

Thanks for the link to your motor. What do your wheels look like? Your questions are a bit hard to follow. Perhaps a picture would help?

Thx a lot dude... that helped me A LOT!!!!!!!!!! REALY THX. Now I got some other problems. I bought some gear motors and some wheels. The problem is that the gear motors dont suit into wheels their exacly same in the outlooking. Let me show u what I mean. http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store/p/4918-GM9-Gear-Motor-143-1-90-degree-3-6V.aspx I bought this thing. The thing that moves arround, its inside the motor so that I dont know anyway to stuck it in the wheel. Could u plz help me? Hope u understanded what i meant.

Start here says:

Now let´s hook up “the head”, the Sharp IR-sensor.
There are a million ways to do this, but here are clues:
Red needs to be connected to V1, that is (in this setup) anything marked “V”, or is connected to this.
Black goes to G, anywhere on the board.
White is to be connected to Analogue input 1.

This page will tell you where V1, G and Analogue1 are on your picaxe 28x board.