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LMR Poly-Pixle Colour System - PolyMorph Workshop 3

Transforms your Bland Bot into a Mega Rainbow Hippie

 How to Colour Your PolyMorph...........

 Its taken me around 8 months to find the solution to colouring PolyMorph.

Then i struck it lucky... an Artist Friend gave me a few samples of "Highly Pigmented Powder Paint".

PolyMorph Workshop 3 :-  (non streaming link)


From the Three primary colours a whole heap of Rainbow Colours can be assimulated.





Boil some water to around 60°-75°C and drop in your PolyMorph granules.



Then add the Secret Ingredient ....... for LMR ears only ....... (Bogg Off external Rss feeders)

Its "Highly Pigmented Powder Paint " - can be bought from a good Artist shops (ask them for a sample).



Sprinkle some directly onto the top of the Warm PolyMorph.



Then Smooth the powder over the surface of the PolyMorph making sure no lumps form.



Then just fold it in half..................squash it a bit............



Then add a little more powder and fold it in half again...

......etcetcetc... plonk it back into hot water etcetcetc........



Just get stuck into it - make as much mess as you wish...........the end result is worth it.

(-: As it is water colour based it washes off easily with soap and water :-)



Squash and pull the PolyMorph untill the colour is distributed throughout the PolyMorph



Form it into the shape you want and let it cool (or run it under cold water)

BTW :- Once the colour is mixed into the PolyMorph it is stable ie if you handle it afterwards

then the colour will not come off onto your hands.



Or Orange .............









Or Some Blue & Red Camera mount Screws for a 3D Anaglyph Photo/Film rig.........

...... yes those are PolyMorph Threads.......... maybe Workshop 4 if i remember



"Trusted Build" - better than "sky hooks........."


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The Highly Pigmented Powder Paint (HPPP) did work very nicely for you! I had to try it since I'd been coloring mine with another brand, "Pearl Ex" pigments by an arts & crafts company named Jacquard. Overall I prefer the Pearl Ex because of the price, they are quite a bit cheaper than the HPPP (unless you have great friends like you do). The results with Pearl Ex are good but the results I got using HPPP were admittedly better. If the HPPP were a bit cheaper, I'd be using the HPPP hands down. One other thing that you can use (And possibly get a quick divorce out of the deal too--it's a two-fer!) is to use your wife's powdered eye shadows.

Thats really good to know, thanks for the tip, now i think about it PM has a kind of pearl like feel too it anyway, i could imagine it would give a nice gleam/lustre - this i have to try (it will give me an excuse to update my post)

(-: looks like my "Better-Halfs" makeup draw is going to be raided :-) - maybe i could sell her pearl necklass and replace with PM version dundundundaa

Gareth you are the Polymorph Master!!  :D
Gareth, you've done it again. My Collection is beginning to overflow from collecting your posts. :-) Great tip, I've thought a couple times that it would be great if polymorph were offered in colors. Now I see a way! Like your color borders around your photos too. Very colorful posting! BRAVO!

 Yes i would like to see how PM is processed in factory and at which stage colour could be added -

....or why not just sell it in thin coloured sheets, that way its easier and faster to melt.......and ship no doubt.

Poly Pixles

Henceforth this idea will be refered to as the "LMR Poly-Pixle Colour System" ....thanks g_code.

However not your normal R(ed)G(reen)B(lue) pixle system .... more of a RY(ellow)B.........

So when is DAGU going to offer pre-colored polymorph? :)
We will try and find a supplier in China

 This could be the Dagu-s "Poly-Pixle" distribution plant.


This is Holi Festival in India (festival of colours) ...... i am sure there would be some suppliers here.