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PICAXE editor

I put this into the PICAXE programming editor

servo 0,150
wait 2
servo 0,225
wait 1
goto main

then I hit F5. A window comes up, downloads the program, and says "Download was successful! Firmware version A.6, Memory used = 18 bytes out of 4096." But nothing happens. I unhooked the sero and when I hooked it back in, it slightly jerked. I did this about 4 times until it stopped doing it. Now nothing happens. Is this something wrong with the electronics? 

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More detailes, please. :D

What is your setup? Picaxe chip? Project board (if any)? Power supply? Did you connect servo signal line via 330 Ohm resistor? Picture of setup would be of great value as well.

I'm basically using everything the Start tutorial uses. The only differences I see are that I have a 330 Ohm resistor instead of the yellow chip, and my servo top is just a straight line and not circular. The screw I used in the servo is a little big. I superglued the sensor's back edge in a tiny slip between the top of the screw and the white top. I use 3 1.5V batteries to power it. I can try to get more details if necessary, but it really is just like the Start tutorial robot on here.