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Walter Line Follow

Just a quick look at the beginning of my line follow set up...

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Lol. Your sound effect at the end was classic. "Ting!"

As soon as you are able to auto-charge, add a webcam and online controls, will you?

PS; why the curve on the line? For testing? I remember we skyped about this, but I dont remember the curve??

It will be a very happy day when I finally get to a true self-dock. Getting wicked close, though. By the way, this will become a proper post soon, with code and expaination etc.

Ah, the curve... I am a bit embarrassed, this is my first line-follower! I have never built or coded anything like this before and I wanted to add a curve just to be sure my code was working. If it was a straight line, I might not know if the line follow was actually working or if it was just going straight, ignoring the line. The final "docking line" will be straight.

P.s. I got your email, I will get something up in the "something else" soon... My boys and I are making crystal radios soon! I have got all the parts, just need to find some time.  ---And when I say "crystal radio", I mean like, old-school, mono earpiece, coil of wire with a "wiper" contact (made from a paper clip) and 10 meter antenna kinda thing! 

I will be sure to take pictures and post schematics.

I remember mine. Connected to the water pipes for a good ground. No batteries required. I am still amazed by that. Even now I understand why and how.