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how-to LMR meet-up

Inspired by the 2 years anniversary text on the LMR front page, I got to wondering

What do we require to make a successful LMR meet-up in real life?  

Yes I know we're spread all over the world, and anything higher than a 2% show-up rate would be a unbelievable. But what kind of physical preparations would one need? A large conference room with enough electrical outlets, loads of tables, PA-system and presentation equipment, and short distance to a bar and a cheap-ish hotel.

What else?

It would be fun to meet some of this great community in real life (or maybe it would be a great disappointment, who knows). But simply saying "I've got a big room, come over next friday" probably wont be enough. what kind of program would be tempting to attend?

I dont know. As I write this text I seem to realize more and more what a lost idea this is. But I'd still love to hear what would make YOU plan a vacation with all your home made robotics in your suitcase just to hang around fellow robot builders... 

Oh, and wouldn't it be cool to have it simultaneously in several locations, with live video links and stuff? 

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Now that last idea gets me excited. Even if only two or three people would meet at the same location, they could still participate in the global main event.

Expanding (?) on that thought, how about a trial run with one person per location only? Yes it sounds pretty much like today, where everyone is at home, by himself. But add some sort of live feed, text, audio, video, all, and you'd have some sort of "event" going on.

Or "happening" as my parents' generation called it.