Let's Make Robots!

Trata II - The destruction! (Thanks Jip!)

Moves faster than Trata, on snow and ice

Update: Thank you for asking me to make a jump with this, jip. Now both Trata and my camera are broke. (Last video) - But hey - Snow is melting, who needs Trata any more? Time to rebuild!

PS: Jumps with things that are driven on a high placed force makes ugly jumps!


I just wanted to play some with the original Trata, that I made the other day in 2 hours. I picked up some materials, and oops, I made a Trata II instead :)


I tested it in the evening, on hard snow, and it was very fast and fun! In winter time we don't get a lot of day/sunshine-time, so it is always a quest to find time to shoot video when it's not too dark (like on Trata I)

Next day / today, I was going to shoot a good video.. but we got like 30 CM of loose powder snow! And it is not made for that, it just falls through and get burried.

So there is only a pre-video for now, I have to wait for the weather to change, or the snow to settle a little..


Theory is this:

Below is shown where the point of gravity is. It is supposed to be way back. I want it to allmost stall / have the front very light, so it can take the roughher snow, and lift itself up.


If this should be too much, I have placed some sticks at the back to prevent it to flip completely over, and let the propeller hit the snow.


(Yes, the propeller is broka enyway on the pictures :) It was a late night test run, and happened because the servo fell off. Not enough hot glue! (And too few wirestrips)

Now, IF it should not lift itself over some pile of snow, I do not want elsectronics to dive in, so this upside-down deck was placed in the middle, as a "sledge". 






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No clue about robots yet but first problem I would think about is how to stop the damn thing :) An anchor doesnt really work on a small boat :)

My experience is that anything that goes faster than 5-10 Kmh/hour is impossible to do much with, using the cheaper sensors (not laser/camera)

Or you could go out and buy some new swimming kit instead of a full sized boat ;) I used mine a lot.....

Biggest problem with most boats is that they dont really like water. Engines and controllers need to be pretty big (they draw quite some amps) or you'll burn out lot's of $$$ :( (or you can just go really slow...... but looking at the Trata that's not the funniest option)

If it's to cold you could always use the good old fishingrod with a tennisball instead of a hook...... (make a little hook to grap on your boat)

Here's a little boat I build from balsa, a hydroplane, probably the closest you will get if you want to be "above" the water :) It does about 50km an hour with a standard car engine (540 size, 13 turns).



Oh, wow!!

We need this posted as a something else. With video!!!


That's pretty badass. Yeah, as I'm playing around with the boat idea some more, I'm starting to wonder about waterproofing. Maybe just sticking everything inside one or two ziplock bags will be good enough -- I'm hoping not to have to put TOO much effort into this :) Do you not have a problem, with your motor exposed on the top like that?


So far it did alright except for one time when I flipped it over, then again if you want to build a boat for sailing don't go this way. Better to make it watertight as much as possible. The one time I did flip it over I just sat it close to the heater, all worked again after a day of propr drying (and rinsing it with clean water first).

I still have most of the building pictures. Will put them up here some day soon. Pretty long build......

i never used but i deffinately think that it will be a great experience.