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wheels and motors

Hi all I have been trying to gear my motors down which is a real pain so I was thinking of buying a Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox. Does anyone recommend this or a different type. I wanna keep costs down so something nice and cheap that has 2 geared independent motors. Also I didn’t think it would be that hard to find wheels. Anyone recommend anything or anywhere?



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Hi Vinny,

It's easy to find motors and wheels if you know where to look.  ;)

Check out www.FingerTechRobotics.com.  I run that store and carry geared motors, wheels, and wheel hubs designed specifically for hobby robotics.

Also, you have two identical posts: "wheels and motors" and "motors and wheels".  I recommend keeping it to just one post to keep all the answers in one place.

Yes, I have the dual gearbox. Plastic gears make alot of noise, but the thing runs fine.

The motors are 3V motors, and draw a higher current. You can buy replacement motors that run on 6V at lower current. I bought my replacements from Pololu. http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/604

As for the wheels, I bought the Tamiya Off-Road tires and the narrow tires, both from Pololu.

This setup works great to quickly throw together a moving platform, just don't expect it to move quickly or move much weight.

thanks for your info. i'll check the websites out. still not sure though. the current draw and noise puts me off. V

Solarbotics has many different gear motors, that are worth a look.


But the Tamyia Twin is a popular choice, and I havent heard any complaints about it, so I guess it's OK.

 I have been converting cheap servo motors into continous DC motor. Just remove the stop cog on the main gear and file down the pot shaft or remove it and solder 2 wires to the motor direst. Don't forget to cut the fiol connections to the motor and add a .1 mfd ceramic capacitor across the motor. They go faster too.