Let's Make Robots!

Weekend at WalMart

The new WalMart just opened last week here in Saskatoon.  I decided to visit it which was probably a mistake cause most of my time was spent looking for a parking spot and waiting in line to pay for stuff.  The reason I went was because supposedly this one is the largest one in western Canada.  I probably should have stayed home because I wasn't able to make any progress on my sumo last weekend, however I did find something cool.


In the office/school supplies section I found this interesting looking organizer.  I think it would make a nice looking robot chassis.  Just take a dremel to the parts you need holes and instant robot for pretty cheap.  I didn't get one cause it would distract me from my current robot.  But as soon as I'm finished I will probably pick one up at a closer WalMart and not have to wait in line.

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I bet ya they wont have it when you decide to get one!

It is an important lesson: Always buy stuff that you would like to buy!

Kinda looks like the roll-over cab from an excavator or something. [Dremel/rotary tool] + [cheap plastic enclosures] is a tried and true method =)