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new type of beam robot

talk, chew

this is a new type of beam robot: a talker it  is just a prototype and a first of its kind,when it is in sunlight ,it springs to life, it can talk or chew all of its parts are created from old discarded toys and things it didnt cost much it only cost 5 pesos for the super glue,its solar cell is from old solar visor ,the gearbox is made from a wind up toy,the connectors is from an old broken mp3 and earphone,the motor is from an old toy.

B-biology- the biology of the talker is based on an orangutan movement of mouth

E-electronics-its electronics are simple it have one solar cell without solar engine

A-aesthetics-it is just simple but creative

M-mechanics-the mechanics are only one motor and a simple gearbox from an old wind up toy

it can be disasembled and can be asembled again,

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Hi Kiyo,

You obviously posted this robot before here. We do not like double posts. Which one shall I delete?

you can delete the other one the older

Nice idea.....

I like the tiny "linear type" movement of his jaw (maybe a close up photo of this would be cool - to see the mechanism)

...... how are you going to develop him further ...... "hinged jaw or sound maybe" - looks like he has enough power to drive some arms and legs too......

yes i will develop it by giving it sounds and to make it walk and i will post another one with much more develop skills