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Platform Battery Module

Vendor's Description: 

Sure, your project is awesome, but wouldn't it be cooler more than 10 feet away from a power outlet?

The Battery Platform Module is an add-on to the Propeller Platform, it lets you use common AAA batteries to power your project for hours. Because of the advanced power usage options of the Propeller, it can be many, many hours:
  • 40 Hours 3 cogs running @ 20MHz
  • 17 Hours 3 cogs running @ 80MHz
  • 8 Hours 8 cogs running @ 80MHz

The Battery Module is also available as a kit from Gadget Gangster.

Flip to the next step and I'll give you some more technical details on the Battery Module and show you how to use it. I've also put hi-res photos for this howto on flickr.