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Ed “kitsu.eb” Blake

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I'm trained in Mechanic Drafting, and create CAD drawings for bridges as my day job. I got my CAD training while racking up credits (and an AA) to go to art school... Which I didn't do because it costs a lot and I got hired by a bridge design firm. I've studied 3d modeling and animation too, and occasionally make design visualizations for work (using Blender)

 Recent rendering

 I also got interested in programming in collage. I got a hand-me-down Compaq 386 in ~2002 which I nursed back to health. It had qbasic on it, which I quickly learned to use (yay good manuals (even for bad software)) while teaching my self programming. Somewhere as I moved up the food chain to a PII and then to a homebuilt P4 I found Python.I thought at the time that Python was about the greatest language ever, and in the intervening years I have found little to dissuade me! I am interested in AI/Alife, and have created several programs exploring evolutionary algorithms, flocking, steering behaviors, neural networks, etc. My math knowledge has never been exceptional (yay Amarican school system...), but I have been increasing my knowledge over the years (in whatever direction my projects lead me). Vectors are my favorite tool, but recently I've been digging into calculus.

 I also study Japanese (I can read and listen at an intermediate level, just don't ask me to say anything!), and occasionally still draw or paint.