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Serial to USB

Can i ask for your opinion...   im using the picaxe28x1 starter board..i have a serial programming cable..com-294a.jpg




can i use this?can i program my picaxe using this? 

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Ok, first off, the serial adapter and any bluetooth module have nothing to do with each other. Second, the USB Bluetooth "thumb drive" you show above is for the computer NOT the robot and has nothing to do with syncing a picaxe. If you want to send serial data from your computer to your bot wirelessly, you will need a program (you will have to write it in C, C+, processing, VB, wiring, etc. etc.), a bluetooth adapter or internal bluetooth and a bluetooth transceiver (such as a bluesmirf) on the robot. I don't think you can sync a picaxe using this method, but it is worth a shot, you would have to wire into the serial RX/TX pins instead of just general I/O's and use the sertxd/serrxd commands.

oh ok...it was just an idea anyway...bluesmirf is just so expensive

nice so now i think i can use this?





instead of the expensive bluesmirf?


i succesfully used a similar converter. Just make sure you can find the right drivers, especially if you have windows 7/windows vista.