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Dimensional Ultralancer: Vulcan Five - Update 2

Hello all,

 Just an update at where I am at with the Vulcan Five.  I've written and tested some timers to generate the 38KHz output needed to drive the IR LEDs.  The motor controls, digital and Analog I/O all work great.  Now its on to making the PCB.  Low_Profile_Sumo_043.jpg

The first thing I did was cut out some paper to and try to determine a good fitting top cover.


A couple of iterations later I have a finished product.  I inputted the measurements into a CAD program, printed cut out and test fitted the cover making adjustments along the way.


The result is a nice fitting top.  I began thinking that I could also use the top as the PCB too.  The original plan was to have the PCB inside, but I don't think I would have enough room for everything I needed.

Here is a 3d mockup of the circuit.  I should have probably removed the water, but you get the general idea. 

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If you notice the floaty parts in the video they were there just for my reference.  I should redo the video without the water and minus the floaty parts.
Cool! Whaat program makes the 3D board and video?
Povray, the actual PCB is done in Eagle.  You just run a script to get the pov file and render the image