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how 2 run stepper motor

hi, ive bought a stepper motor which has totally six wires...but i dnt know how to run it continuosly..

pls help me in dis and tel all d component details and sequences to run continuously...




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First of: If you bought it, it probably came with some sort of information, If nothing else at least it has a name..

Start with googling that.. 

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

A quick Google search for '6 wire stepper motor' brings up lots of useful links. The first result: How stepper motors work


And try to write better English! Use a spell checker, even I can do that - right click in your editor for more. It iz nort cüül 2 write laike thiz, it just makes finding info harder for the next person!

And also try to use the search function in here before asking - the information you are seeking (according to your bad description) is actually on the site.

Eat that!


(and good luck with your project)

This is a web page often referred to : Jones on Stepper Motors

What you probably have is a Unipolar motor. You can test this by using a multimeter to check resistance between wires, finding maybe 10 ohms from one coil end to another, but only 5 ohms between a coil end and the common for that side. Sides are not connected and sometimes unipolar motors can be driven like bipolar motors.

Basically in unipolar drive the commons are tied to a positive voltage source, and each coil end is sequentially pulled low to "step" the motor through a rotation. A driver commonly used is the ULN2803 or ULN2003 between your microcontroller and the stepper, their data sheets are usually easily looked up. There are more methods of driving such has half stepping, etc that also can also be researched.