Let's Make Robots!


runs around shooting things. for now

My parts are alive again. my bot recycling is in force. started out with raduinos treaded base and a pair of servos from blocky.some 5min epoxy and some random plastic later....


i used two servo horns mounted to a set of gears from the orignal gear box. easier to control lover power needs.then i used an old dsl modem stripped of its board for a project case and mounted it.


i then threw in my 3channel rc rx and played around a bit running it off a 7.2v pack from an old airsoft gun. then getting bored i mounted the gun. it was gonna be an airsoft tank...


got bored with that and started making it duino/rx controlled. using the open 3rd channel to send "a rx on no pulses sending" to the arduino to switch control..that failed. need to modd the code.(btw the transmitter is 2ch).then got bored again and ended up with this last night.


the body is rad without his hip pivot and an airsoft gun for an arm. nowhere near done. but it will be dual control still. will post more as it comes. i dont have wireless at home so be patient.

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i have the same modem