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Geared DC motor 0.6a with 1.2a peak

Anyone knows where I can find a couple of geared DC motor that consume 0.6a with a 1.2 peak (6-12v). I am getting blind from all the pages i visited so far, none fit the exact description. The ones I found are either lower (I would like as much power as I can get since it has to drive arround a 3kg platform) or higher specs.

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks I found one already. Reason is I bought a motorbee board that can handle 2 motors with the above specs. I noticed some other boards that can handle about the same engines so I figured it was some kind of standard. I am just trying to find out as I go along......

 If someone needs one i found it at conrad.nl part no 234349

I would just have to do what you've been doing. reading the data sheet for each motor untill I found those characteristics..

But why such restiction? why not find a motor that fits the project and build the curcuit to match the motor?