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Party Popper Alarm Clock

Pops a party popper when the alarm goes off
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What does it do?

Instead of some litte beeps or squeaks this alarm sets off a party popper, guaranteed to wake you with a start!


How does it work?

The base and clock circuitry come from a "Flying Alarm Clock". Originally when the alarm was on a motor would be set high, now the input is into a Picaxe microcontroller. When the Picaxe detects the input is high it sends a signal to a servo that moves from one extreme position to another. The servo is connected by a chain to a crocodile clip that is connected  to the string of the party popper.








The insides of the Party Popper Alarm Clock


Anything to make note of?

Party Poppers need a surprising amount of force to set them of. Between 1-2kg. Small and weak servos just won't cut it. The string from the party popper needs to be looped round the crocodile clip or it will slip.


What are the main components?

Metal Rods, Alarm Clock, Picaxe 08M, Servo, Crocodile Clip and a chain.


If you live in the UK at the time of writing some TJ Hughes stores are selling off the alarm clocks for £3.50. This is really cheap for all the different parts you're getting. I bought seven of them! :D


I want to make one?!

Go for it, it's not too hard to make! Send me a message if you do make one, I'd love to see it. I have attached the code which is commented but still a bit ugly, since it's so short you shouldn't have much problem understanding it. I did draw up a schematic since it's just the standard Picaxe Circuit with a servo out and an input in.


How can it be improved?

 The output from the alarm clock could be connected to a relay that turns on the Picaxe and servo when the alarm went off. This would save quite a bit of power.


Why the Macerena?

I originally wanted it to play "Flower of Scotland" after the party popper went off but I couldn't find a Nokia Mono Ringtone for it anywhere. If you have a copy I would much appreciate it if you let me know. I figured the Macerea would be a suitably annoying song. 

I have also had it playing "Happy Birthday" for my flatmate's Birthday.

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That is the funniest thing ever. You should mass produce those and sell them.

Brilliant!!!!!!!!   My son has one of those... i might just borrow it..HA HA HA HA

haha thats awsome!

Could also be used as an automated new year's countdown!  

Lol to that!!
HAhaaaaa, I love it!