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Problem on Picaxe 28X1

Hello I am trying to do http://letsmakerobots.com/start project. I got Pixace 28x1 . I am amature with soldering. However I tryed soldering motors into my project board. The thing is that the one motor doesnt work.

Thats how the Project looks like. Motors are supposed to be attached into A the one of them and B the other one. I connected them and solder them normally. But Whenever I try to make motor to move it doesnt. I noticed that after removing the one cable from B2 and connecting it to anything metal the motor moves. I checked and the wire is totally conecting to the board. However I dunno what went wrong. 

PS While soldering I had some issues and I scratched the board, but not even close to the area there is the problem.

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So, what I would suggest is to check if you have cut any conductive paths by scratching, no matter if it was away from actual motor solder points. If it is the case try to trace the cut path both ways to nearest soldering points and solder a piece of jumper wire in between. If there was no cut, se if you have shortened any soldering points togeather. Hmmm... Check if you placed motor driver chip correct way around, just in case... Did you say the other motor was working properly? As well, check if solder is good from both sides of board. Connect multimeter across not working motor leads, and check if you have voltage when trying to move the motor, maybe thr motor is bad?

Picture of your board is appreciated, both sides. This will help us to help you :)