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picaxe and l293d

if i got this right using a picaxe 28x1 project board (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/AXE020.pdf) and a l293d motor controller i can control  only 2 motors. For my robot i will need to control 6 motors. What can i do? is there a way to connect more than one l293d to my project board? (all motors must be able to move both directions) 

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my PICAXE has 7 outputs . Do i need 2 outputs for every L293D? the on board one takes 2 outputs too?
it should take 4 inputs not 2. 2 for each motor. 

Yes, you can add an extra two L293D ICs to control 4 more motors, but of course there's not enough room for them on the project board so you'll need another PCB to mount them on. You'll also need to make sure you can spare another 4 outputs from your PICAXE, which will depend on how many I/O pins you're already planning on using for other things.

Take a look at this page for info on how to connect the extra ICs.