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Computer controlled "Tank"

recieves commands sent by a computer thru a USB port and executes commands .

hello all ! , im new here and this is one advanced creation of mine which im going to submit here and follow up on its development .

Its a tank i made that is controlled via a computer , now its being wirelessly controlled via RF modules and a 4 channel serial relay controller converted to USB by the means of an FTDI chip . the aim is to fit it with some sensors that relay back to the computer , which map out a certain block of a room for obstacle avoidance and memorizing obstacles ! , a smart program will be made to give the tank positions to go to autonomously !any question regarding this is welcome , i feel i have not talked to much about it , but every thing will be evident i guess after answering your inquires :) 

here are some more pics :

The serial relays system with the usb conversion

The tank looking good ! :)

the guts

The FTDI USB chip

The tanks primary software , currently being changed to something more advanced !

The software and source


new development ! , i spotted a big old retired bomb disposal robot at UNI ! that im planning to rewire to become an extended development of this project , waiting for approval to start the conversion . the robot entitled has a hydrolic arm as well . this is me inspecting the rover . more details as the conversion starts :)
this time i think i will use blutooth , with a blutooth enabled laptop inside the tank , and a mobile phone for control ,it can be accomplished with a wireless wifi network as well , a server client model or even adhoc . well we will see where the wind takes us regarding this project , but since its huge i guess there is room for a mobile controller and a client server system with a camera and the such .

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I love the design of your little robot and I am blown away that you got your hands on such cool big robot. I thought that my find of an old electric wheelchair was steal but you really scored! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

This has just become cooler!

Oh, wow! I can't believe you have gotten access to such an awesome platform! I can't wait to see what you do with it! 

something incredible for sure ! :) i will see if i can revive the dead huge arm as well .

hi Jad! and welkome!!  :)   
Yout tank looks great! very well designed and though, I particularly like the way you are hiding the electronics below! 
still trying to understand what the applications does  :)

Thanks Guilherme :) , the applications and circuit boards communicate with the tank thru the computer :) , so im controlling the tank wirelessly with the keyboard , and soon with a joystick . and after that im implementing an artificially intelligent system so the tank can drive itself to any location i tell it to , inside a room ! :)
that's amazing Jad!!  I hope to have the skills to do something like that one day  :)
I will follow your project closely  ;)
Is there a micro in the tank to interpret the signals from the rf? You don't say.
yes definitely :) its quite noticeable in one of the pics with its belly open :)  its a Chinese RF module with a 2 channel RX , and the TX is at base :)
so can that chinese 2 channel device also handle your sensors when you connect them? Or will you use an avr or pic or whatever then?