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Computer controlled "Tank"

recieves commands sent by a computer thru a USB port and executes commands .

hello all ! , im new here and this is one advanced creation of mine which im going to submit here and follow up on its development .

Its a tank i made that is controlled via a computer , now its being wirelessly controlled via RF modules and a 4 channel serial relay controller converted to USB by the means of an FTDI chip . the aim is to fit it with some sensors that relay back to the computer , which map out a certain block of a room for obstacle avoidance and memorizing obstacles ! , a smart program will be made to give the tank positions to go to autonomously !any question regarding this is welcome , i feel i have not talked to much about it , but every thing will be evident i guess after answering your inquires :) 

here are some more pics :

The serial relays system with the usb conversion

The tank looking good ! :)

the guts

The FTDI USB chip

The tanks primary software , currently being changed to something more advanced !

The software and source


new development ! , i spotted a big old retired bomb disposal robot at UNI ! that im planning to rewire to become an extended development of this project , waiting for approval to start the conversion . the robot entitled has a hydrolic arm as well . this is me inspecting the rover . more details as the conversion starts :)
this time i think i will use blutooth , with a blutooth enabled laptop inside the tank , and a mobile phone for control ,it can be accomplished with a wireless wifi network as well , a server client model or even adhoc . well we will see where the wind takes us regarding this project , but since its huge i guess there is room for a mobile controller and a client server system with a camera and the such .

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WICKID ROBOT and yeah welcome to da site. you may want to post all your previous robots if possible.
thanks Evan , i will try to post my other creations :)

tell me how to connect it to the system...........or lap top......can i control it via system...........what are the require ments needed..............pls tel me.......


i will keep you posted about the tutorial when i post it and were i post it :) probably here if i sensed some interaction :-)
 I love the body style. I can see some forsight went into your design. A true climber. Adaptable is best and am now working on adaptable robot platforms for whatever processor too. The brain can be different but the body is what you need to get around. I am sort of new too and can spot true talent. One of the best non kit track robots I have seen in a while.
That was what i had in mind when designing it ! to have a hidden compartment for the electronics and batt , a custom arduino can easily be fitted in there ! :) glad you liked the design !
Is there a micro in the tank to interpret the signals from the rf? You don't say.
yes definitely :) its quite noticeable in one of the pics with its belly open :)  its a Chinese RF module with a 2 channel RX , and the TX is at base :)
so can that chinese 2 channel device also handle your sensors when you connect them? Or will you use an avr or pic or whatever then?
then i will install a 2 channel TX in the tank that relays back to the computer for further analysis :) and perhaps ill stick in an arduino , but that is not the main purpose of this project .