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CascaBots RoundBot Chassis for Tamiya 70097 twin motor gearbox

I've taken a look at what's out there for the Tamiya 70097 gearbox, and decided to design this chassis :-)

 Major design features include a twin deck and parallel I beam construction for rigidity; all moving parts,including the turret mast are inside the diameter of the chassis - nothing protrudes (Frits's request); the internal beams fully support the output shafts from the 70097 - a sorely lacking feature on current chassis... and my personal favorite, an engraved protractor on the top deck. Makes it easy to see and adjust code for turning radius.

Chassis uses a Tamiya 70145 wheel set.







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Casca's picture

Thanx, just a simple site with room to grow.

 I did some preliminary designing, and it's fairly straight forward to put two 70097's in a twin stacked simi-elipsodial deck -


this got me to thinking - might be fun to take two of the RoundBot chassis and link them together via an articulated servo joint...



Holy Cow if you made this I would Buy one now!
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It's not a problem, just let me know if you'd like something similar and I can cut it for you.
How does your laser cutter work? Could I send you a CAD file?
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Sure, I can work with a 2d DWG
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Slick! I want one!

This is tuned to the gighest gearing on the motors, right?

Casca's picture

Frits, its setup to use the 203:1 gearing in this photo, but it can also use the 58:1 gearing by just changing the gear ratio on your gearbox and using the rear set of mounting points on the chassis.

Will this fit the design you wanted for nothing protruding from the diameter of the chassis? :-)

You shall have one!


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Very nice, that looks fancy. I like that engraved protractor. I'll definitely be ordering something from you at some point.


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Thanks Dan. I really like the protractor as well - it really serves a nice purpose that I have personally needed and I suspect other's have as well.