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SF order on it's way[shipped!]

Since it's been a while since anyone has posted on this forum, just thought I'd post something.

Finally put my order in thats been in the cart on that fateful freeday. added a couple extra things to it as well since I have a mini project going.

Opted to get the polulu trex motor driver as well since my hbridge attempt has yet to work(though I haven't tried to trouble shoot it for a while) .

Got a couple of 20x2's to see what they are like and since they had some sweet hw access. Grabbed a couple of atmel 2313's since they have built in uarts.  

Got a couple of lipo cells and a the cheap charger(it's a lipo charger, don't worry)

some random other odds and ends to round out my order.

I put the order in this morning and just got the email that said it's been shipped. fedex says it's been picked up...as I was a bit impatient this time I opted for the 2 day service(extra $5 vs ground)  so I should have it by this weekend...just in time for a nice 3 day weekend at that!

EDIT 02/10/10

Put in a sample order with Microchip for some unio memory for the 20x2 chips since the x2's support this type of mem. Also grabbed some i2c since I was there. Will most likely not get this any time soon, but figured it would be a good start to playing with some of the new type of memory.

EDIT 02/11/10

Order came in today to my MBE box and they close at 7:30 so I won't be able to pick it up tonight. Will have to  pick it up tomorrow morning. Excited, can't wait to play with the stuff...bummed I can't play with the stuff this eve...ah well...soon....very soon....

EDIT 02/12/10

Package is in hand and currently charging the (lipo)batteries(1 at a time of course). Inspected the order and it looks fine, all parts are in there, sadly nothing extra..  :/ I will look at testing the motor drive this weekend and tinkering with the 20x2. 


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i'm always impatient when i order things from sparkfun, i guess that's normal! What are you up to with those parts?

I'm usually patient, but wanted to get these in before the 3 day weekend so i could play around with them.

Just got a recent update that said my order headed from Denver,co to Memphis TN. It's weird that it went to TN since it has to come to cali from there. The thing that worries me now is the warning that inclement weather may delay some orders....  :( I'm still hoping that it makes it this weekend...

Not sure what you mean with that second question. Cost wise, it was one of my more expensive, so in terms of what I'm up to in cost...it's up there. As far as the overall order, it contained a couple of wants(polulu motor driver, picaxe 20x2 and a couple other things), some support parts( crystals,  caps, mini breadboards).


What i meant was: what will you be using them for? Got a project?

Ahh sorry, a bit dense this morning when I read it.

The motor driver is going to be used for the scanner tank since my orignal hbridge had issues that I haven't been able to solve yet. I really want to get that thing working so...I bit the bullet and just bought something that should work out of the box(I hope).

I grabbed the crystals for use with my avr chips that I got a while back plus a maxim rtc chip that I've had sitting around. Memory chips were for building my version of the ulog project. 

 The 20x2's and 2313's are just extra procs that I wanted to have on hand for mid sized projects. They might be used for the scanner tank though or the something else project....I wanted to keep my options open.  :)

The lipo's and charger are for my something else project. I wanted to try two different sized batteries for different enclosure designs.

The rest are just odds and ends, rotary encoders, triple output leds, some connectors and small caps.

Yeah, I think thats it.  :D