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Swiss Cow Head Laser Distance Probe

"Moooooooo" project is still on course........

Basic idea is to attach the Head to a Theo Jansen four legged chassis blogged here.......

Had some great fun creating a PolyMorph Cows Head.

Using a Skinning technique i could make a really thin layer of PolyMorph.

This means that it is amazingly Translucent - for adding lights.


In the Picture above you can see its secret laser system.

The Proposed Idea is So ......

  1. Green Eyes ------- "Safe Mode" - Open Jaw wide
  2. Red Eyes  "Danger Mode" means the Laser is about to fire
  3. There will be a Wii-Remote camera installed to watch the Laser
  4. Laser scans left and right making a note of left-most position and Right-most position
  5. Amber Eyes -------"Safe Mode and calculate Distance" closing Jaw at same time
  6. Right-most position minus Left-Most position gives a finite value.
  7. This finite value will be translated into Distance from object/wall/hedge/milking parlour
  8. Distance Info. will steer the legs out of danger.............

NonStream Link Swiss Cow Head Laser Distance Probe (circa 11meg)

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I can see a new episode of "South Park" in this, aliens infect southpark cows with nanobots that cause them to mutate and develop laser range finders. The big worry is what will the cows do once they lock onto a target???

Request :-

 Can the Dagu Bods design a "Luxeon Laser Led" - (-; i would have "Herds" of projects that would require them ;.)

 Failing that how about a  "Pulsed" Laser circuit ...... 1 Amp would surfice .....evil grin.....

 BTW it locks onto "Milka Chocolate Bars" (Swiss people eat 12Kilos/year.....could be onto a good thing here)


That is... quite creepy actually. Cyborg zombie laser cows? Move over Terminator, there's a new killing machine in town.

The Swiss Purple Milka Cows are a placid breed - compared to the British ones (i had a bad experience once)

 The most dangerous thing this beasty will do is Precision laser cut your lawn :-) ........

........ or melt the wheels off the office chair .......