Let's Make Robots!


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Inspired by Igor and one of idaniel's robots, I've decided to build what will hopefully be my first robot.

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What is it?
blue=sensors, yellow=microcontroller, red=wheels, green=chassis, purple/pink=battery pack

What sensors what microcontroller what wheels what chassis what power system?

what is this and what does it do ?, its very confusing.

Why would he have this as a robotic project if all he has is a paint picture that is completely confusing and really cannot generate a mental image. He doesn't have any details other than what colors mean. I could take a picture of my carpet and call it the next design for a vacuum cleaner as a comparison to what this is.

You really aren't a positive person, are you?

 It's a good start Samos! The next step is to figure out what parts you want to use on each of those sections. This is the most daunting part, I'm still on this piece for my first bot. I bought a Picaxe for my microcontroller, but can't get it to work with my PC, so I'm going to go the hard way and learn about electronics and circuitry before getting too in depth with my bot. I think it will really help with the end product.

yea it is a good start to plan befor you start working is always good :).

btw what are you trying to use to get your picaxe to work i have the picaxe 29A microcontroller and its working alright what O/S are you running ?
I'm running XP and it's the PicAxe 28X1. I've given up on it though, so I'm going to learn the way I should have in the first place. No harm done.
hmmm i spose you have tried the CD from picaxe and the downloads ?.

Have you tried instaling the drivers your self via the devices menu ?

You may have to change the port when you run the program i have to do this often and mae shure the batterys are conected as you plug it in. You could also try a cold reboot with your picaxe im not shure if that would work tho.

I have the official pricaxe book so i instaled it easily as all the info is in there what cable are you using the normal one or the USB ?

Oh trust me, it's all been done. I had a thread somewhere here about it. All the general tips and tricks mentioned here there and everywhere else failed me though. Again, not a problem though. I've still got a perfectly good chip out of it that I can use for whatever.