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Trata III

Moves fast on hard snow and ice.

I couldnt help it, there was still snow.. i had a robot ready, just needs programming.. But every time I try to sit down at finish it, I make a new Trata.

Since this one has very flat sledges, it is very likely to cut sideways into snow and die, when turning / sliding on rough / soft snow.

I think it will be very fast and fun on hard snow / semi-ice. The kind that has melted a bit, and then turned into ice on top.

Just after finishing this, there was really crap snow; Newly fallen, and just about to melt. Soft and sticky!

But I had to test it anyway.. and.. well, I shouldn't have done that, see video.

They dont have any more of these propels at the shop now, but I will see what I come up with, hopefully in time before the snow is melted :)


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Its winter time, are we gonna see a Trata IV?


I started building a "Foamy-1", it'll have a puller type prop setup, and is made from foam/hot glue/string packing tape.


Nah, I think I officially have canceled the Trata-program :D

Wow, strange purple stuff you have going on there, that will be interesting :)

Yeah it looks weird, but its a high density (high R value) foam used for home insulation.You can get it up to 4 inches thick.

Its lite weight and pretty strong. Plus you can shape it easily, and if you cover it with foam safe epoxy and it becomes like fiberglass. It works really well if you want to make very strong 3D shaped (robot) parts.

I use a different brand of this stuff to coat it http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXPT46&P=0

wow this last version looks briliant, where did you get those motors?

hehe i could try doing one of these, still have a two CH remote somewhere  

Yes, make one!

I got the motors (and the rest) from crashed RC cars :)

nice, the only rc i had was nitro, but i have a pair of motors that look like yours!

just have to adapt it to drive on water(no ice here, but a large lake)

props on the build! 

For Goodness sake - please spend some time watching this YouTube channel RCSuperPowers.

There are tips on how to protect your prop......... and how to trim dangerous flying objects........

....... Loved the "Snow Driffting" By The Way

With a flatter base .......... this would be a possibility.....

Thanks, good tips. And yes; LiPo bat and brushelss is the way ahead.. if you are into that. I am into using my old cheap RC parts ;)

Anyway, good tips, would love to research some.. only, rik has shut this project down, he says I have more important things to do, like make a business plan for LMR!

business plan?

That sounds boring. Remember to focus on your fun-time even though LMR is groving.