Let's Make Robots!

Trata III

Moves fast on hard snow and ice.

I couldnt help it, there was still snow.. i had a robot ready, just needs programming.. But every time I try to sit down at finish it, I make a new Trata.

Since this one has very flat sledges, it is very likely to cut sideways into snow and die, when turning / sliding on rough / soft snow.

I think it will be very fast and fun on hard snow / semi-ice. The kind that has melted a bit, and then turned into ice on top.

Just after finishing this, there was really crap snow; Newly fallen, and just about to melt. Soft and sticky!

But I had to test it anyway.. and.. well, I shouldn't have done that, see video.

They dont have any more of these propels at the shop now, but I will see what I come up with, hopefully in time before the snow is melted :)


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Growy or groving - LMR cannot saty on air this way, it is too expensive, more to come :)
very groovy indeed

Have you thought about adding small skegs right near the end of the skis to give a bit of grip for turns



Thanks for the thought.

The point here is to slide, not to have a grip :)So I may not have understood you right, but if so, I think it is not a good idea, as I wantit to slide - that is how it is turning :)

However, I just added some "walls" on TOP of the sledges, to stop it from carving into snow when sliding. Because when it carves in, the propellar gets the snow on top of the sledges.

There is a lot to explain about these things, but I think I will just have to show you ;)


G'day Frits, I waved hello as I flew over Denmark on my way from Beijing to Amsterdam and back. I was very disapointed that you did not wave back. I was only 10.7Km up, In Australia that is just the next door neighbours yard away!!!

Trata III looks cool, very similar to a swamp boat my brother had.

Same Question as before, are you intending to curve the aluminium strips up or just plow into evevery snow drift?

Aluminium curved :)

Hope you enjoyed your trip! And I also hope that Dagu got out of the trip what you should!

Amazinghow much you get to see of the world, because you are so tallented!

PS: How do you know I did not wave? As a matter of fact I wave up every now & then, just to make sure ;)

Looking cool!! Better luck with this one  :)
Seems you will get high speeds.. maybe some kind of aerodynamic wings on it would be a plus!
Thanks, yes.. I was considering small wings. Even had some ready to mount.. There is just something about it.. What trigs me here is to make that thing that slides over hard snow.. wings are just not part of the equation ;)
Oh snap! Nice looking rig once again frits! If you are worried about blowing the esc, just keep the throttle down. you are in the snow though so that should keep things sorta cool. Last thing, since the battery and electronics are encloded, they might warm pretty quickly.  now get it going and throw some video up!!!

So far I am amazed on how easy it goes with the ESC / power.. Even with 2 motors on one ESC.

I guess it's because the motors run free'ish..