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where to find a specific DC motor

I just found this two rc cars, and I want to give them a new life. The small one seems to be working ok, but the motor of the biggest one doesn't want to work.


I removed the dc motor and noticed one thing I never saw, there are the two wires that connect to the motor pins, and there was a third wire but got loose. I think it was soldered to the motor body, and I wonder where must it be connected.. ground? I try to ground it but the motor still doens't work.

I guess it is dead, and due to the cars overall condition, they look like have been on the war.


This is the aparently dead dc motor.. does anyone know where to find a dc motor with this specifications?

Body Diameter: 27 mm
Body Length: 32 mm
Spindle Length: 23 mm
Spindle Diameter: 2 mm

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i've been searching and couldn't find one with the spindle length of 23mm... will continue to search...