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Nameless Bot

navigate around and maybe do some mapping
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For controller I'm using  a PIC18F4550 with MSHP Bootloader ( USB ), in a self made and obvious Arduino wanna be copy, I call it PICUino :D



For the motor control  a exact copy of the motor control shield for Arduino, at least for the schematic



For chassis we have the Robot Rover for Arduino (Tank Kit)


 The upper board is just wiring for servos, sensors a USB/Serial converter ( using this for development, final version will use the bluetooth module )

And still missing the battery charger and power supply board ( once again copied from a Arduino shield , Hey, no need to be inventing the wheel again right?  O:)  )


At the moment is does absolutely nothing :D

Still working on the code, the basic part is done, moving motor and servos and reading from the sensors, just need to glue it all together.


It will also have a PC control software that I'm still trying to decide if Python or Processing based.


And that will be all for now, more updates to come soon ( I hope )




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Hi, do you have any details on the bootloader?  I just got a couple of pic18f4550s, but don't have anything specific in mind for them yet.



I'm using Microchip's MCHPUSB bootloader


if you download and install Microchip Application Libraries you'll get the bootloader firmware, software and a lot of exemples that you can work with.

Great thing about the MCHPUSB Bootloader is that it works with Piklab, so no need to switch bettwen software whem.


thanks, that's great. I'll have to play. might use it on my next bot

hello in come from the netherland where can i get that wheel that you use can i make that wheel ?

sorry for my bad english

Greet(groeten) Jeffrey

Hi Jeffrey

 as almost everything in this robot, the tracks came from http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk

check the robot section