Let's Make Robots!

Ant v4 - Micro Tracked Robot

New design's being modeled in SolidWorks.

Current target specifications:

-Atmega 128 MCU 128K Flash Memory

-4 x CDS Light Sensors

-4 x IR Sensors

-2 x IR Transmitters (Serial TX/RX robot to robot communications)

 -Micro FET h-bridgedriver

-Li-ion 80Mah Battery

-USB Charging/Programming

-Sub-sub-Micro servo control over Jawfunctions (grab/lift)

-6mm pager motor drive with planatery gear box

-Analog flex micro front feelers

-Temprature sensor

-Peizo speaker/buzzer (can play basic notes/tunes)

-Color Imaging front primary sensor

-nRF 2.4Ghz Radio link


-3 Status LEDS





Previous prototype version 3.

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Pretty cool, hope you can get it together. Reminds me of some of the microsumo robots, or the little Sandia robot.

There are some really small sensors and boards, think it's called Megabitty using an AVR. What micro are you thinking of?

This version will be using the ATMega128 MCU, I need the speed, IO, and all the extra flash memory i can get, I dont think I could fit all my code into the Megabitty.
I love the ants!  When I was in High School I visited the MIT museum and they had a couple on display at the time (2002 or 2003).  I had stumbled upon a website of a robot builder from Asia who made a whole bunch of small rovers similar to the ants, he made miniature suspension systems for them and had an IR ranger on a few.  Most of the website was in foreign characters, but the pictures were good.  I'll try to find the link for you. 
This looks awesome. I am working on something along the same lines. Can't wait to see how yours turns out. Teeny bots rule!