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PropNet, Ethernet for the Propeller Platform (PCB)

Vendor's Description: 

PropNet is from from Brilldea (website). It's just available as a bare PCB, but I'll pick up a few boards from them and offer it as a kit. Anyway - here's the vendors description:

The PropNET Moudule is ethernet for the Propeller Platform! This PCB is designed to be a proof of concept for the upcoming Parallax Propeller Web Server. The PropNET Module incorporates many elements of the proposed schematic of the Propeller Web Server as well as a couple enhancements. The main feautres include: A WIZnet module mounting socket, a Parallax uSD-Card adapter mounting slot, one-wire device footprints, I2C RTC IC with super cap backup, a MoBo connector and a user interface with an LED and a button. Enhancements include the ability to solder jumper select SPI/Indirect bus mode for the WIZnet module so that if your application only requires SPI you can use the remaining Propeller I/O lines. Similarly, you can use solder jumpers to select the I/O lines to use for the SD card communication so you use only what you need.

The PropNET moudule is currently being sold as a limited edition item. The intention is to spark the community to develope further software for the WIZnet W5100 IC. Get your PropNET module now and contribute to the community! The PropNET module easily attaches to the Propeller Platform or can be easily wired to a Propeller Demo Board or Proto Board. A kit of parts will be available soon from Gadget Gangster. You can read about the design process here in the Parallax Forum thread.

In the product pictures you may notice that there are blue wires attached to the RTC IC. Those wires were used because we were unable to purchase the required RTC IC and used a different model with different pinouts to prove the product. All parts for this design should be available at your local electronics store, Digi-key or Mouser and whereever you chose to get the WIZ812MJ module.