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Servos with continuous rotate and Picaxe 28x1 help



I am making a robot to climb stairs and I am wondering if it would be difficult to program a picaze 28x1 to provide servos with continuous rotation.


The servos would spin the wheels I am using.


I am guessing that the servos are connected to the pixaxe and the picaxe connected to a battery?


My final robot is suppose to be about 3 pounds.  Is there any special programming or anything I have to do? I am a complete beginner and know pretty much nothing. I am just trying piece things together from the Internet.


Any help is appreciated!! thank you !

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As a complete beginner interested in a Picaxe controlled robot, you would benefit from a careful read of the start here robot project. That documentation should help you out a lot.

You can then use the search feature on this site and look for continuous rotation servo and you should find some good info. The Picaxe (or another microprocessor) can control a servo modified for continuous rotation using a single digital output.

Good luck! 

I have seen some servos online that say continous rotation from futaba for about  $13 each.  I am wondering what I do to just have 4 servos with wheels attatched to them to go forward at a constant rate.  I am not sure I would be using a picaxe per say or what.  I am wondering what is involded.      I assume that the servos attatch to some sort of central controller and that controller is hooked into a battery of some type.

I am wondering what would be the easiest route to go about this. 

Continuous rotation servos DO exist, and they have different programming options.