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Hello All

This is my first post on LMR. My inspiration came from a video I saw by Boston Dynamics of their robot Big Dog. I started off originally with a hexapod but during the design stage it became clear that it will be to expensive as I was looking to use high precision brushless DC motors and lots of custom machining. I then turned to less legs and more strict parameters.

All parts/components needed to be:

made using simple tools.

individually not to expensive

off the shelf components.

The robot at the moment is still in the design stage as I need to finish a few last bits, and calculate the overall weight for proper servos. The robot has 12 DOF with 14 servos. It will be running originally with a PicAxe-28X1 controller as this is what I have right now. It will be up grated to a more suited controller once I get the basic movements going and my wallet has time to recuperate. The goal with this robot is to eventually replace the servos with linear ball screw actuators and build the upper body. This will only be possible after the steps leading up to that point all work out well.



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nice looks really cool, but if i were building this i would shorten the  limbs so it wont strain the servos 

The limbs are proportional to the feet and hips. It's all scaled down with some error by 40% from my dimensions.

This is why it's still on paper as I'm making final touches to it after which I will calculate the total weight and get the proper servos. At the moment it weighs 1.6Kg.





here is the big dog video.

Awsome graphics!


I'm trying to cut down on costs so the more realistic and detailed I make it hear the less surprises I get during the build stage.

i like it it looks like a starwars battle droid