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Lego NXT Mobile Tracked Robot - Bluetooth with MS Robotics Studio

Built it to work and learn the MS Robotics Development Studio

This was built to start using the Microsoft Robotics studio. The Lego is a stock NXT with a "Crystal Reaper" track set. Some sensors are not part of the NXT kit and were made from CDS cells for light and two micro switches for the front bumpers.


This robot is capable of running in full autonomous mode, auto over bluetooth with MSRS, and as well in RC mode over bluetooth working with a X-Box USB controller.


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Cool! More info if you have it! Perhaps a walkthrough on some of this fancy stuff?
can you please deliver me the circuit daigram?.....how should i connect it with my laptop?
Yuo give it 2 stars then ask how to build it? If you look close it is using Lego NXT, you don't really need a circuit diagram. Its all pretty much plug it in and BAM done. Just look at it closely and look at what it does and you can hook it up if you have the parts.