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PC/USB based hobby oscilloscope - build your own

I thought that my latest project may be of interest to many people buiding robots: 
It's a simple, easy-to-assemble microcontroller based oscilloscope with two input channels. 
It's built around a dsPIC30F2020. Almost the complete oscilloscope os contained in the dsPIC .
I offer it as a kit (including USB cable and a pair of simple probes),
or fully assembled and tested. The microcontroller is already pre-programmed,
so the kit needs only solderin, but no programming.
Typical applications that this scope can cover:
- audio 
- infrared sendr/receiver
- ultrasound
- servo signals
- bio signals, medical instruments
- I2C up to 1 MHz
- RS-232
- one-wire
- SPI up to 1 MHz
A short description of the key parameters is below. The website with all the details is here:

Pictures and screenshots of the scope and the PC software:

Detailed specs:

Circuit schematic, assembly instructions, user manual, interface description:
Here are a few key specs:
  • two channels (important if you want to look at signals relative to each other, e.g. clock and data)
  • up to 20 MSamples/sec (equivalent time) / 1 MS/sec (single shot)
  • analog bandwidth >1.2 MHz
  • Input impedance 1 MOhm || 15 pF
  • Up to 40 records/sec (very fluent display, like a "big" scope)
  • very compact (about the size of a computer mouse)
  • low component count, very easy to assemble (only DIP and through-hole parts, no SMD)
  • trigger on CH1 or CH2, or auto-trigger
  • delayed scan (to look at things long after the trigger)
  • pre-trigger (to see what happened before the trigger)
  • datalogger mode (roll mode)
  • Infinite-Persistence-Mode, FFT-Mode
  • PC-link through USB (both for data and power supply)
  • accepts standard oscilloscope probes (1:1 und 1:10)
  • interface to computer (virtual serial port) fully documented
  • PC software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
I'll gladly answer any further questions!