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CR123A batteries

Has anyone here used R/CR123A or 18650 batteries in their bots?  They seem to be a good power/size ratio.  Rechargables seem to be fairly reasonably priced.

I've seem the 138650 @ 2200 mAh w/protection PCB and RCR123A around 1000 mAh w/no protection.

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At first I was like "Dud, what's wrong with good ol rechargables"?.. But I needed some info to fire at you.. and realized.. hey? lighter, longer life, 3V.. what is going on here?

With this, could I use only 2 batteries (even lighter) instead of 4 (heavy) to get something like the same power?!?

Exactly!  Twice (or more) the power density.  I think I will order some RCR123A today.  Or I may go buy 2 non-rechargeable to test with and see how they do.  I am having a difficult time finding a dual holder for CR123A.

Polymorph one! :)