Let's Make Robots!

Going to Spain :)

Hey, I was just invited to come to


Wehee.. Is any one else going? See you there :)

They asked to see YDM, but I think I will have to make a trata-version of it! Huge sticks and amplifier!

(Yes, I am a one hit wonder, apparently - but hey, a hit is a hit! :)

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things have came up.... I won't be able to go  :(


That's a rotten shame, Guilherme!

Tell me nothing rik!!   

I'm so f..#$/"^ up with work....... 

Below you'll find a few questions I asked before I accepted the invitation, I'm quoting the email I got:

Q: As I understand I will need to bring a tent with me to camp in?

A: tents will be provided by the organization. Just bring your personal belongings, sleeping bag and hygiene kit

Q: Do I need to bring my project along with me (I'm asking because as it is now, my project weights somewhere around 15 kilograms, probably lesser in the close future) ? 

A: yes, that is the idea.  Send us the specifications of your project so we can consider in advance booking extra luggage when buying the plane ticket or someway of reimbursement in case you have charges. Once you confirmed our area coordinator will advice you-

Q: Assuming the above is true, may I bring tools or are there tools available on location?

A: Depending what kind of tools. The robotics area coordinators will advice you before and after the event. I would put you in contact with them

After that I got in contact with Jose and I got the following figured out regarding the project:

- I can bring all necessary tools

- If the project exceeds the weight and size requirements of the airtravel company additional cost of up to 150 Euros will be covered, if you present the receipt

- passport is not required ID should do

And that's about it ...


This is going to be ace!


I guess i'll see some of you in spain.

Oh, Norway is also going? Cool!

I'll be there also! Thanks Frits! Now let's rewire Madrid :)



Lucky bastards, this looks awesome D=