Let's Make Robots!

Awesome.....so it begins....

Has anybody put together a starting kit of parts for the basic picaxe robot???

That would be really helpful, and probably help get a lot more folks started....what an awsome site!





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Hey Lee, and welcome :)

A starting kit.. That may be a business :) Well - not that I am aware of.

At the picaxe-shop in the UK (don´t know from where you are), if you go for the SRF05 (SRF005 in their shop) -option, you can get everything but the geared motors and wheels.

Hmm.. must do research...

NO! Aparently, from 10 minutes Googling, the shopping for http://letsmakerobots.com/node/17 has to be done in at least 2 shops, could not find one that carries all, the links i have provided are the best options I can find (on 10 minutes). Sorry. 

- But looking forward to seing your robot soon anyway :) 

/ Frits 

thanx, Fritz...

I'm in south Florida USA....any sources in this part of the globe???





Well.. Oklahoma and Millbrae, CA are both in the US, I think..? But I do not know the states enough to get any closer - I mean, do you know the difference between Sweden and Denmark?


(The two links above should get you what you need for the robot I think you are going for)

/ Frits (with an "S", that is)

How are you? I'm a mathematician by training, but also an amateur musician (had a double-minor in performance and composition) and electronics DIY enthusiast. I studied human interface design under the master, G. Gleason. I'm so amazed and impressed with your Yellow Drum Machine because of several different things and I'd like to ask a bit more about how it works.

First, the way you coded the movement makes it very life-like and friendly. It has a perfect combination of cuteness and innocence that makes it something people of any age could enjoy watching, photographing, video-taping... Somehow you've landed on a real classic "anthropomorphic robot design" that reminds me of a fusion of the movie "Short Circuit" with old cartoons and television programs we used to watch here in the States depicting people making "whatever" into percussion instruments. And who hasn't tried the same thing while bored in school?

Second, it seems to generate variety in its rhythms, but what is guiding this variety? You say it "composes" some beats after creating a test sample, but I'd like to know how much templating versus composition-from-scratch it's doing. I would -love- an opportunity to play with your composition code and try to get in there some longer rhythms and more complicated subdivisions.

It's seriously fabulous, and my wife and I both just watched it and laughed and laughed and couldn't stop observing how CUTE this thing is. It needs a name and a gender so it can be addressed in a more personal way in my defective native language (English) :D

Have a wonderful week,

~ dan ~

This is rather off topic, no?

Where is the admin? Who, me? No way, too complicated :)

So here goes.


Hi Dan, thank you so very much for your "open letter".


So this is my 15 minutes of fame :) Rush, rush, enjoy, enjoy! Thank you so very much for all the encouraging words! I don't know what else to say, so I will just leave it there :)

I will now try to answer your post the best I can.


Regarding the "cuteness" and "life-like" - perhaps this one may also fall in your taste:


- and that being my first "real robot", leads me to the core of my answer to you. It is that easy, and you can do it yourself, just look here:


- And actually that was what this tread was about in the first place, so now we are back on track. kind of ;)


Regarding the "variety in its rhythms, but what is guiding this variety":

Please have a look here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/112#comment-274

and for more of my bull, if you should care: Mar 13, 2008. 3:22 PM fritsl says


Regarding the "I would -love- an opportunity to play with your composition code and try to get in there some longer rhythms and more complicated subdivisions:

Sure.. If we lived next to each other :) It could be good fun! Anyway - of course "the robot" is seen as "static", as "something" - but truth is, of course that it can just be re-programmed. To be honest I have no clue what code is on the videos, It is like if someone comments on a sketch you made while talking on the phone a week ago. Sure, You think you remember the basics, but I just re-program etc. There is no "finished product", you see - next day the same robot can be used as a fighter-robot, it is just a matter of what is currently uploaded into the microcontroller. Fluid, if you know what i mean. "The drawing was just something I did, and I can honestly not remember half of it", I lose myself, just coding it for fun (one little "story" at a time, "then when .. it should..", and next day it has this "personality".

"It needs a name and a gender": Well I am flattered.. It was just some sticks, you know.. Funny how a programmed Microcontroller can create "life". Reminds me of this project (see the video how nothing turns into something "alive" :)


Robots are fun, try it, dude (and if you want help on something, don't hesitate asking) It really is a special feeling when you just find some sticks and glue them.. and then people say things like "look, it is trying to get into the hall", or are writing like you just did. No - "It" does not "try", it is just these sticks that was laying on the table just before..

Thanks again, very inspiring, and I am flattered, thanks!

/ Frits

(now show me yours)

"Sure.. If we lived next to each other :)"  -  We are all on earth ... (I think) ... but since there is the issue of having to buy plane tickets or swimming across the Atlantic, what about something like a distributed performance (Jabo Project) ?

It seems like the internet has turned anyone with a computer into a potential neighbors.

Hello neighbors !



For beginners there is always this link:


I'm working for a list for US people. So far it looks like it will be cheaper to place an order with a UK company and 1 US company. I hope to have the price comparison done next week or the week after. I'm still searching for parts to make it as cheap as possible while sticking with only 1 or 2 companies to order from.

good to listen that.. i'm not from us, but i totally agree with the idea..

 Wicked! I am sure you will spare many people a lot of time (and money). Cool.

/ Fritsl

Can't wait for you to make this list, my semester just ended, and building a robot is on my todo list this summer. I tried to peice parts together myself, but I'm a Computer Scientist, not an electrical engineer, so I dont know what is equivalent to what. Looking forward to what you come up with.