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Scavenging an old Canon IPX 4000 printer

harvest parts

My old printer broke down and before throwing anything away I always rip things apart hunting for parts that I can use in other projects. Most of you probably does this all the time, but for the ones who doesn’t I would just like to show all the goodies found inside a normal printer.

Loads of gears



Springs are always handy to have


Some optical sensores and limit switches


 Some good motors


some motor decoder assemblies


some shaft material


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Every time something breaks down in our house and it's electrical i start taking it apart before jucking it in the bin.

My parents hate me for it, they always ask me how i got room for all the junk i scavange. Most of my room is filled with scavanged crap from were ever. I am getting a broken tv from a friend of mine just this night. I tell anyone just to bring all broken electronics to my house hahahah

to keep spacely's sprockets in business for years.  ; )
lol, how few will actually get that reference  :D
It really hits the futurelust button for me.