Let's Make Robots!

My first Robot, called Duckie (or Sniffer if you like)

obstacle avoider

I started this back in May but he, she or it had the servo and sensor mounted on top of the base. I found it kept missing ‘seeing’ obstacles so recently moved the sensor to the front of the base. Well it still messes up sometimes but now it has that nice tilting motion like Fritsl’s robot in part 2.









Other views:




A top-down shot giving the slightly misleading impression that it's fallen apart (it hadn't quite in this picture!)





The code is based on the standard code that use to be posted here, but simplified and modified to work with this configuration. It doesn’t look to see if there’s anything interesting to go and explore and also it doesn’t count how many times its turned in those places where it should back up and turn around.



Things to do:


Refine code.

Add another sensor at the lower front.

Add a few LEDs.

Add some squeaks and beeps.

Teach it to make a decent cup of tea!!



(p.s.Excuse the messy carpet in the video, the culprit was in the vid!)


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I like the way that you have the sensor / turret "lock" on an obstacle, and move away from it until clear, before continuing.

I haven't thought of that.  It makes perfect sense to me now though.  I was just backing away, continuing my scan.  Sometimes I'd find myself painted into a corner, backing away, and then returning to the same place, only to repeat it over and over.

Thanks for the insight.

Duane S

Wilson, NC  USA 

I got it to do that purely by fluke let me tell you.
That idea was inspired Fritsl's robot's which quaintly "examine" the obstacles as they pass it.
I have no idea how mine does it though I think there's a bit of chaos in the works in there somewhere!
(Probably impreciseness due to my bad coding and electrical noise from the motors or something.)

Look left, look right.. something to the right? Steer left, while turning head to the right.. untill head is far enough to the right fo rus to pass..

No more magic than that :) 

Thanks frits!,

I'll try that.  It's so simple, and I was scratching my head looking at a more complex way.  Duh...

In retrospect, I guess I really had a brain phart when I came up with the "back up - then try again" code.

Duane S

Wilson, NC USA

very well, man. the robot work good.

Nice work NE555V (timer?) - i like the bounce ... who needs stinkin wheels! 

my robots
my garden

Yes, that's me, and you know my brother NE556 don't you? :-)

I used to know him. Isn't he (ahem) "dual channel" now?

I like the little backstop you put to stop him (it) going right over when it accelerates.

... I wonder if it would be possible to make a wheelie-ing robot.

"... I wonder if it would be possible to make a wheelie-ing robot."

- Now there's an interesting concept!!

OMG, just saw the video! It is vicious, listen to that sound, it scares me :D