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The Pulse - 2010w07

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Pulses are sparse and they shoot by in the blink of an eye. Make sure you have your automatic trigger set up and armed. Or you will miss it.

Today's Pulse is filled with recent projects requested by Frits.

waiting to punce

Mmmmm, robots

How about a complementing L-bot and R-bot? Make them walk together, they could, like, "write LMR".



Wet robots are all the rage at the moment. Does snow count as wet?

This Whirligig is another creation by Geir. It is different from most LMR robots because it actually has a job: mapping the bottom of a lake. When it's not frozen over anyway.


Sound is about right

No robot is really complete unless it makes sound. Apart from the annoying "kgrrrrggrrg" of plastic gears. Droidbuilder describes a way to use the SpeakJet voice synthesizer. Gooze created a robotic musical instrument. It plays the xylophone with marbles.

sound or image

You scared me at "Hello"

It's sightings like these that give roboticists a bad name. It's scary, potentially insulting, mysterious and beautifully ugly. But the real offence here is LACK OF VIDEO!

Bad, bad roboticist!


Too cute for his own good

What Walter lacks in horror potential, he makes up for in videos.

Walter is not just a robot any more. He has become a house hold name at LMR. Does the longest running project on LMR even qualify as "'recent"? I say it does.

Linking to one page is pointless here. Walter has transcended into a search term.

I dare to go one up: Walter is a tag!

walterwalter cute

Final thoughts

How's your taggability, baby?!

"Hell, there's like shitloads
of robots in here!"


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OMG, I am so featured, my collecion exposed! I feel like I have powers, but so undressed at the same time!

Thanks for geting back on track, rik! You rock!

See kids, the "draft" feature does not promise absolute secrecy.

Officially undrafted now.

Oh, apparently the drafting of a blog entry does not make it not appear from the list of recent blog entries, where I found this.

PS: Oh boy, this is all in understood. Sorry everyone; rik and I are part of the team developing LMR, and this talk is quite internal. Sorry :)

A quick peek beind the LMR scenes. We should do that more often.