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Icebreaker Lenin

I started this project this summer. It's a model of the Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin. Originally I was going to use cupper as the skin but I had difficulty fixing it to the rib so I decided to take the easy way out and use fiberglass. The ship will be a robot in the sense that it will have DP 2nd class. What this means is that it will be radio controlled with the ability to hold position and move to specified co-ordinates while holding the desired heading just like a real ship would. The position will be held using a compass, GPS, and either a laser or sonar. I might take it one more step and also set up a taut wire.





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It is to bad you can't have like a pocket fuel cell of some kind. That would add a very nice feature and practicly limitless power. I wonder how long it would take before the battery's are flat at full power with all electronics and two of those lights. The lights would be a real nice touch by the way;-)
Would one of these qualify as a pocket fuel cell? Only 54x54x25mm for the double back-to-back cell that I used.

The vessel will have two motorcycle batteries and so they will last for a long time. If I used fuel cells which need hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, I would need a lot more space to run the vessel for the same amount of time as the batteries. The cool factor would definitely be a lot higher.