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Stepper Driver V3 (draft)

Hi all,

I've been working on the driver for the next CNC, V3.

This one should be able to drive bigger motors up to about 2.5 Amps per coil, while providing current limiting.

It's features shold be the following:

- wave, full and halfstepping selectable in software

- I2C and step/dir/enable interface available on board

- home sensors connectors

Below is an iamge of the PCB I layed out:

















Yes ... nasty stuff ... I think I broke all PCB design rules I know of .... and those I forgot :P...  it is going to be hell to build this sucker.


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It's just not going to do with I2C ... I had enough with it ... trying to get it right. Not anymore I'm done.

From now on no more and that's it so scrap this shit... I'm changing to step/en/dir and that's it.

It looks like it pushes the boundaries of EagleCAD free version but it gets the job done :) .  The upside-down ATTINY threw me off for a bit -- I couldn't find the I2C pins -- but now I see them.  Since I think you use a toner-transfer & etch the "Tinhead" label on the bottom layer is probably no problem -- for mechanical etching on the CNC it might not turn out so well. I do like that there are no traces between pins of the ICs -- traces between 2.54mm-spaced pads pushes the boundaries of what I can mechanically trace.

If this makes it to the 3rd generation machine it should be pretty flexible with the step/dir/enable/home/limit capability.


ps - with ~28 jumpers per board I think you beat my RepRap v1.2 design for most jumpers (~17 on the node/15686 design)