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Dual Ultrasonic sensor


For my next "top secret" robot project I need 2 ultrasonic sensors. Playing around with the Maxbotix MaxSonar EZ1, which perfectly matches in size for this task, I stumbled across the following problem.

Running only one sensor works like expected. But running two at the same time, don't work. Lucky for me, Maxbotix has a solution for this problem, called daisy chaining. After testing all possible options the Constantly Looping Mode was the best choice for me. After all, it works like a charm.

 Here is the schematic so far. Later on a Duo-LED and a LDR sensor for ambient light will be added to each sensor.



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Hi Peter! This was a few years before I joined LMR so I didn't see it until it popped up on the bottom of the front page today when Dickel collected it. What was the result of these experiments? Did it get put into anything or work the way you'd hoped?

Hi Maxhirez,

the dual ultrasonic sensors have been used for my LMR LogoBot . It works as expected in the way that both sensors  work independently, without interfering each other. But for this robot design it doesn't make a difference if you use 1 or 2 sensors, it is just for the optic . It would make more sense to use a sensor array with 3 or more ultrasonic sensors for a larger robot chassis. To see in a wider angle, what is in front of the robot. But I haven't done any tests on a larger robot chassis, yet.

Yes, one idea is to use 2 sensors for stereo vision. The other idea is, to make some kind of object tracking (with an additonal servo) like this. But I don't know if any of these ideas will work, but I'm working on it.

What is the idea here? to average both together to get a more consistent reading?  or are you going for stereoscopic vision?