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giving life to dead rc vehicles

I’ve found this two rc vehicles on a junk, they are in a very bad condition. The big one has the DC motor burned out, I will try to replace it.. brushless motor maybe.


They both have two different gear mode (hi and low speed), I am wishing to try it out.


This is the dead motor..

The small car doesn’t have the rear suspension, I could try to rebuild it but I wanted to try something different with this one. I want to go for a chopper tricycle style :D



It’s a bit weirdo, and I’m very unsure if this will work, but I will give it a try.. If it fails, I want to try with one of the original wheels on the front, the reason I didn’t try is because I don’t have a way to hold the front wheel right now, I must look on a hardware store for a strong wire and it is 2 AM right now.


Is much stylish this way, definitely, it would be an all terrain tricycle!  :D

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aquiring black PVC sheets is in my to-buy list :)

It has a certain batmobil-ish charm, "Does it come in black?"

looking forward to see the result